I don’t think anything better could be happening in life right now


i’ve run out of ways to describe how much the libertines mean to me and how happy i am about this reunion, they’re so much more than just a band to me and i am incredibly emotional right now


Omg I HATE this band like they could simply post the information on their facebook and on the festival page BUT NO, they HAVE to give us hints through media and letters and hands and OMG I love them.


I high-fived the hand when I first saw it.


you’ll never fumigate the demons but the libertines are reuniting so who gives a shit


I love our little fandom more and more every day and I grew so attached to all you guys I just wanna give you all a long hug and a kiss on the forehead.

if carl ever winked at me i’d probably have to sit down


why the hand why that picture why are they doing this to us

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