So, I finally uploaded the whole Babyshambles Sessions to this blog, If you want to download it, then please visit Andrew Kendall’s Wonderful Website.

And, this is what NME had to say about it:

It was completely unheard of for a band to give away upwards of 30 new songs, vying for inclusion on their forthcoming unreleased album. Yet, this is exactly what Pete did on May 16, 2013, when he handed 3 CDs worth of new Libertines tracks to a random fan whilst on tour in New York, simply asking her to get the songs online ASAP because he didn’t know how to do it himself. Songs from those CDs, labelled “The Babyshambles Sessions” would go on to feature on Pete albums (Libertines, Babyshambles & solo) up until 2010, with more still left over.

Freedom Gig, Kids in the Riot

Tony Linkin: It was a great night, a fantastic evening. The whole thing had to end though, as usual, with Carl getting rushed off to hospital. He tried jumping over something, I'm not sure what, but he landed on his face basically.
Roger Sargent: He was lying on the floor in a pool of blood so i was like, 'What the fuck happened? Who fucking hit you?' I started running down the street towards the bouncers and Pete's sister came after me going, 'No, no!' (laughs)
James Endeacott: Carl smashes his face up and Pete grabbed a phone off somebody and called 999 and was hugging him and making sure he was all right and you know, you really thought the world is a better place. There was a lot of love going down and you felt that everything had been forgiven and this is year zero again.


NME 19/10/2002, Album Review ‘Up The Bracket’


"Its always been sunny on the Costa Del Pete"

… NME write the stupidest/ funniest shit, apparently Gary Powell has spent the last 10 years bench pressing & ripping up phone books!

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